Leaders in the category
"Oral care"

We started developing toothpastes with the aim of creating beautiful, happy smiles. Thanks to the competent selection of components, we make our pastes quite effective. The production of toothpaste requires the most harmless "green" composition due to the possibility of getting it inside. Therefore, all our products and semi-finished products are of European quality, with international certificates, and are laboratory tested.

We create the following types of toothpastes:

  • Toothpastes for sensitive teeth,  soft and non-abrasive, their ingredients do not cause discomfort;
  • Treatment-and-prophylactic pastes with different effects are important SKUs in our portfolio, as they focus more on treatment than care;
  • Hygienic toothpastes that are designed for daily use are the main portfolio of our pastes, since each specific problem can be solved with the help of certain active ingredients, and we do just that;
  • Toothpastes with a whitening effect are necessary in the current conditions: now there are a lot of food, drinks that corny paint our teeth due to the dye content, therefore, for prevention purposes, it is necessary to use this type of paste;
  • We also make exotic pastes that have unusual properties, this is a favorite type of toothpaste for both adults and children.

All products creation is based on their scientific approach to formulations. This takes into account the active ingredients that are currently on the market and that are perspective in the future.

Packaging types for this category of goods

All products can be put into secondary packaging and boxes can be cellophane wrapped for complete sealing.