Innovators in the category
"Hair care"

We are innovators in the Hair Care Products category. We were the first in Ukraine to start developing and producing hair products. Today we have formulations for all hair types and with different use needs.

Depending on the trend, hair type and consumer's needs, we create whole series that cover the consumer's main problem. Our portfolio includes the following series:

  • to add volume to hair;
  • for hair restoration;
  • for colored hair;
  • for damaged hair;
  • for moisturizing dry hair;
  • for blonde dyed hair;
  • to saturate hair density;
  • for smooth and healthy shine;
  • against hair breakage;
  • against hair loss;
  • for hair that is often heat treated.

Also, our technologists-developers can mix recipes and their components with each other, in order to combine several actions in one product.

In terms of product types, we produce:

  • shampoos;
  • conditioners;
  • balms;
  • sprays: one- and bi-phase;
  • oil / fluid for hair and hair tips;
  • milk.

We are the first to start producing professional hair products. Before launching this project, focus group meetings were held, in which the leading hairdressers-stylists from Kyiv took part. We managed to identify the need and develop products specifically for professionals.

In order to create a product for our client, we participate at every stage:

  • formulation creating;
  • choosing of packaging and its compatibility with the product check;
  • design and label design;
  • writing marketing text.


There are products that are more popular in the mass market, and others are more popular the professional area. It is important to understand how they should differ. We know: it is necessary not only to create a great product, but also to offer it correctly to the consumer.

Packaging types for this category of goods

All products can be put into secondary packaging and boxes can be cellophane wrapped for complete sealing.