with personnel

Work with personnel is aimed at unlocking the potential of each employee through regular trainings and a system of individual mentoring.

Integrated Quality Management System ensures:

  • clarity and simplicity of processes;
  • increasing individual and collective efficiency;
  • actions consistency within the organization;
  • favorable conditions for achieving goals through common policies, goals and objectives;
  • increasing motivation and creating conditions for a single corporate culture, by understanding each employee of their role in achieving the common goals of the organization, creating a climate of commitment, improving information exchange;
  • basis for process improvement and sustainable development.


Provides on-the-job training directly in the workplace, which involves the transfer experience and knowledge from experienced workers to young colleagues who need professional training and the formation of necessary skills. This system is activated from the moment the employee takes up a vacant position in order to speed up the processes of socialization of the employee in the team and integration into the production activities of the enterprise, to facilitate the transition of new employees to the required level of performance.

with the specialist

  • The first interview will take place with our HR specialist. This meeting will give us the opportunity to get more information about your knowledge, professional experience, competence and motivation. You, in turn, will be able to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the chosen position, with the structure and corporate culture of our company.
  • Based on the results of the first stage, an interview with your future line manager will be organized.
  • In addition to interviews, if necessary, you may be offered to pass tests.

of candidate questionnaires

  • Our HR team will revise and analyze your resume/application form in accordance with the requirements of the position profile.
  • We will contact you to clarify the details and inform you about next steps of interaction.
  • You will receive an invitation for an interview if your resume matches the vacant position.
  • All received resumes/applications are stored in the reserve database, which we refer to when searching for candidates for new open vacancies.

You are
in our team

  • We are glad that you accepted our offer and are ready to join the team.
  • Immediately after you are employed, you become a participant in the adaptation program, the purpose of which is to accelerate your integration into the company's work processes.
  • During the entire period, a mentor works with you so that you gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills for your position.
  • We provide you with everything you need to successfully adapt to a new position from the first working day.

of the interview

  • We try to give feedback within two weeks of the interview.
  • After successfully passing all interview stages, you will receive an official job offer.
  • If your candidacy has not been approved, do not be upset. We will gladly consider you for future vacancies.