We are professionals in the category
"Hand and foot care"

We are professionals in hand and foot care, as we occupy a leading position in the sales of brands that belong to the Elfa corporation and brands that we produce under their trademarks, but with our recipes, in our production.

We produce all hand care products: from hand cleansing (liquid soap, hand scrubs) to creams, hand emulsions that moisturize and nourish hand skin.

For each type of product, we have developed an individual recipe.

We know what ingredients and to what brand should be added so that the brand's positioning matches the product content.

Our technologists take into account the peculiarities and needs of hand skin when creating formulations. They optimally select natural emulsifiers and thickeners to create the best cream consistency. They also attach great importance to the temperature regime during the cooking of the product itself.

When creating foot care products we take into account the needs of our customers, we select the best active ingredients that do not just have a marketing meaning, but, in fact, solve the consumer's problem.

Laboratory testing of the product goes through four stages, which significantly reduces the risk of releasing an illiquid batch of the product.

All products are dermatologically tested. At the request of the client, we can also conduct clinical trials.

The power of our products is in action.

Packaging forms for this category of goods

All products can be put into secondary packaging and boxes can be cellophane wrapped for complete sealing.