Experts in the category
"Face and body care"

We are experts in creating face and body care products. When creating them, we take into account all the details: skin type, active ingredients effect, trendy product textures, shape and convenience of packaging, as well as many small details, thanks to which we have our consumers loyal. Our daily market research for face and body care products gives us the ability to respond quickly and provide the best solution for consumers.

We produce next products:

  • cleansers: gels and cream-gels for face cleansing, scrubs, peels, including specific peeling (a trendy product that came from the Korean cosmetics market), cleansing face masks.
  • light textures for moisturizing and toning face skin: tonics, emulsions, serums, with a minimum amount of oils or without them at all, the action of which is aimed at deep penetration into the dermis.
  • classic cream textures, aimed at moisturizing, nutrition, whitening, slowing down of age-related changes which contain a large amount of active ingredients. With constant use, their effect lasts longer.
  • creams for children, which always have quality certificates, are passed dermatological studies, and, often, clinical studies.
  • products for, against and after tanning is a separate group that always contains special filters. In order to confirm the presence of the declared filters in the composition, we send samples for confirmation to a research laboratory in Poland, where we receive a European standard confirmation certificate.
  • special body care products such as cellulite and stretch marks removal products, enriched with active ingredients aimed at eliminating certain body skin problems.
  • we produce depilatory products in the cream form with the addition of special fragrances to minimize the smell of active ingredients that perform the main function of the product.


We also follow global trends and create detox, antipollution products.

Due to the fact that at the factory products are created by pharmacists, we are able to make products aimed at solving specific problems: for example, such as for problem skin, for atopic skin.

We provide both valid recipes and we can modify or develop a recipe at the request of the client, taking into account all the wishes.

Packaging types for this category of goods

All products can be put into secondary packaging and boxes can be cellophane wrapped for complete sealing.

For whom we
create our products

We have our own brands known in Ukraine and abroad with loyal consumers.

We cooperate with retail chains, clinics, salons in order to create products under their own brands.

We have a large loyal audience that has preferred the products of our factory for many years.