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"Bathing, showering and intimate hygiene"

Elfa Pharm Ukraine is a leading company in the production of body wash and intimate hygiene products. Body washes are primarily aimed at cleansing the body.

In the production of shower gels we use synthetic surfactants that give the following properties:

  • abundant foam,
  • pH that matches the human body's,
  • do not irritate the skin.

When creating cream-gels we take into account that they must clean and at the same time take care of the skin, to protect it from drying out.

We know that regular soap and shower gel are strictly prohibited for intimate hygiene. They contain alkalis, which disturb the acid balance and thereby destroy the natural flora. In order not to disturb the balance, the pH of the products should vary between 3.8 and 4.5, which coincides with the pH of the body of a healthy woman.

When developing formulations for intimate hygiene products, Elfa Pharm Ukraine specialists take into account all the factors that can affect women's health. During the production process, technologists carefully control the key indicators of products, one of which is pH.

Packaging types for this category of goods

All products can be put into secondary packaging and boxes can be cellophane wrapped for complete sealing.