of manufacturing technology

In order to produce quality goods, there is a certain production technology at the factory.

At the first stage of production, 100% quality control of incoming raw materials and packaging takes place in a certified Microbiological Laboratory and Quality Control Department.

Special attention is paid to the quality of the water. In accordance with global standards, cleaning and preparation is under 24/7 online monitoring.

At the second stage of production, masses of future products are manufactured:

a) workshop for the preparation of cream masses;

b) workshop for the preparation of foam washing masses.

The technological equipment of the enterprise makes it possible to manufacture products in different packaging: bottles, tubes, cans, doy-packs and sachet-bags of different configurations.

At all stages of production, strict control of the conformity of the product to the approved standard is carried out.

Storage of materials and products is carried out in equipped warehouses with constant control of temperature, humidity and sanitary standards.

The implemented Quality Management System ensures strict adherence to technological processes and operations.