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for each unit produced on the enterprise is ensured by:

  • organization of processes;
  • Quality Management System;
  • qualified personnel;
  • continuous improvement.

located in a specially designed room that meets GMP requirements. The enterprise has 15 production lines.


for the creation and implementation of products, packaging, organization of processes, firstly used in the industry.


is one of the main competitive advantages of our company. The high rate is ensured by methodical work with suppliers and effective inventory management in order to guarantee a quick response.


united by a common goal. The effectiveness of each is achieved by a rational distribution of functionality and areas of responsibility in accordance with the profession.



Hair care

In this category, we produce all types of hair care and hair styling products. We work with different textures, fragrances and make products for the mass market and professional salons. Our products are excellently recommended by leading hairdressers and stylists and are confirmed by various certificates.


Face and body care

This category is a priority for us. We are experts in creating face and body care products. When creating them, we use only European active ingredients, all products with protective filters must undergo research and receive confirmation of the declared amount of filter in the composition. We use the most effective ingredients in our depilatory products.


Hand and foot care

In this category, we produce creams, gels, scrubs and peels for hands and feet that meet all the declared properties. All products are dermatologically tested by independent laboratories. All of them are designed to solve and eliminate the problem, which confirms their effectiveness.


Oral care

We strive to become experts in this category. We carefully choose raw materials, recipes and fragrances for toothpastes. Due to the correct technological process, we maintain the high activity of the ingredients used. For highly abrasive products, we use the most gentle active ingredients with care for our consumers.


Bathing, showering and intimate hygiene

We develop formulations that are as gentle and efficient in use as possible. Our “intimate hygiene oil” has won the recognition of many consumers around the world. All products comply with European standards, since they are distributed both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders.



Unique water purification system

allows us to effectively remove all organic compounds, salts and heavy metals from the water, as well as various bacteria. It eliminates up to 99.9% of molecular impurities. At the same time, due to reverse osmosis, it saturates the water with the necessary minerals and makes it more structured.


Innovative solutions in product formulations

appears due to the fact that we follow the trends of the global market and transfer all interesting solutions to the beauty care market. We create new solutions in recipes, unusual textures and find new fragrance compositions. We control the quality and thermal stability of products, releasing them in mass production.


Modern eco-friendly technologies

through the efficient use of natural resources efficiently, while protecting and conserving them. Our technologies, processes and products are designed to reduce negative impact on the environment and to promote sustainable use of natural resources.


All kinds of packaging

tubes of various diameters, cans and bottles, which we fill automatically or semi-automatically. During semi-automatic filling, our specialists control the process at several stages.


Cellophane wrapping and complete sealing

takes place on special equipment for cellophane wrapping of products. These are mainly cream products. But it can be any other, if the client needs. This option protects products from the opening and ingress of microbiological objects from the outside prior to the purchase of the product by the end consumer.


Elfa | Pharm Ukraine is a leading producer of cosmetics. 

Elfa | Pharm Ukraine is a leading manufacturer of cosmetics in Ukraine, which is part of an international group of companies «ELFA». More than 20 years of systemic experience, unique developments and new technologies in the production and packaging of cosmetic products.

Creating beauty culture

Building your brand

We turn the desire to have a brand in the sector of beauty and care into reality in the shortest possible time with maximum conversion:



We identify global trends

We analyze the profile market

We conduct qualitative research

We do naming and create product concepts



We develop unique recipes

We use effective active ingredients

We create soft textures

We make aromatic fragrance compositions



We produce in the shortest possible time

We provide all permits

We make sanitary and hygienic conclusions

We carry out all laboratory tests


We value friendly relations and we know that we can achieve high results if each of the #elfafriends is result-oriented.


Equipment 01 02 Filling lines Filling lines allows to distribute the product into the packages of any volumes, types and shapes: sachets, doy-packs, tubes, bottles and jars. Case study → 02 Filling lines 03 Warehouses 03 Warehouses Warehouse premises allow to store raw materials and products, observing the correct temperature regime and maintaining an optimum sufficient level of raw materials in the warehouse. Case study → 01 Equipment Factory equipment includes all necessary reactors for production of the most optimal batches of products for our clients. Case study →

50 mln pcs

of cosmetic products annually

3000 SKU

of new products introduced by the company's specialists


permanent staff

68 countries

of presence of products manufactured at the Factory

7818 partners

develop business in close cooperation with us